As partners, we advise and guide companies through their growth and development processes in the long term. We strengthen the equity base of companies in selected industry sectors, giving them the necessary freedom for entrepreneurial action.

The foundation of our collaboration is absolute trust. On both sides. Your long-term success is in our best interest, which is why we forgo short-term benefits at the partner's expense. Examples of specific investments can be found here.

01. Activities

Capital investments –
We invest our money in convincing business ideas.

Our investments typically range between € 100,000-600,000 of equity capital. We invest exclusively in open investments with the in legal forms GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG, and AG.

We also provide mezzanine capital of up to € 400,000 per company.
Together with the companies, we strive to leverage our investments through parallel funding by public (such as SME funding companies) and public-private (such as high-tech founder funds) investors.

Support through professional consulting –
We advise our partners primarily in the following areas of expertise:

  • Enterprise management
  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • Human resources development
  • Organizational development
  • Controlling
  • Financing
  • Strategic ventures
  • Internationalization
  • M & A/Exit

The specific activities in the respective areas of expertise are as varied as the individual enterprise structures. If you would like a specific example for your company, simply send us the essential basic data for your company: business model, enterprise size and phase, and your major targets in the next 12-24 months.

Our fields of competence

We advise companies in all key areas, to provide a jump start wherever it is needed. We play a dual role: as a neutral observer and consultant who always provides an outside point of view, and a business partner who helps create and implement new concepts.

Personal support in all project phases –
Investing time and effort. Specific and very personal.

We interact with the companies on a monthly basis through personal, on-site meetings, or at least phone conferences.

We provide proven controlling tools. In the interest of the company, we attach great importance to meaningful budget planning and firm monthly reporting.

Of course, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

We hold strategy meetings with each company one to two times per year.

As the companies grow, we establish an advisory board staffed by industry experts we recommend.

Identify and utilize team potential –
The entrepreneurial team is decisive

The most important factor in our decision to invest is the team of entrepreneurs at the company. It will ideally consist of two to three people. The advantage of teams containing different areas of expertise and personalities is that they complement one another. Experience in all main areas of expertise – such as sales, technology, operations, and finances – is essential.
We expect a business (and financial) commitment from the entrepreneurs that matches their personal life plans.
Willingness to work in an open, trusting relationship with Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer is a key requirement for a successful business relationship.

02. Investment Strategy

Verified competency –
We invest in people

Good business ideas need a good team to implement them. That is why the team plays a crucial role in all business concerns. Before we decide to invest, we employ structured, long-proven procedures to rate the entrepreneurial team. If necessary, we search for additional managers with the right business and personal skills to round out the existing team.

Moderate initial valuation –
We base our valuation on hard facts

In most cases, the current revenue and profit situation forms the baseline for our activities. In close cooperation with the companies, we all focus on creating long-term value growth together.

We also invest in special situations, such as spin-offs and post-bankruptcy re-launches.

Active support for growth –
We provide ongoing support for companies from the start

Performance for us and the entrepreneurs is based exclusively on growth. As such, target growth for our investments is at least 30% annually.
Companies with initial annual sales of EUR 1-3 million reach targeted annual revenues of EUR 10-30 million within 6-8 years. Interesting exit options involving strategic investors or financial investors are available at this company size.

We shepherd this growth from the start, from every phase until exit.

Manageable investment volume –
Enabling growth with small equity investments

The basic tenet of our working strategy is that we can increase annual revenues from EUR 1-3 million to EUR 10-30 million with a relatively low investment, meaning EUR 100,000-600,000 equity.

To expand options, up to EUR 400,000 of mezzanine capital can also be mobilized.
We secure co-decision-making rights through our equity contracts to ensure that this capital is invested successfully.

Focus on specific industries –
Advice from sector professionals

We invest in companies from the areas of IT, business services, entertainment/gaming, and innovative volume products. After all, we know these markets in detail and have access to a dense network of industry experts in these industry sectors.

Phases of Financing

Our investment focus is companies with proven business models and potential long-term growth rates of over 30% annually.

03. Portfolio

Success is a team effort –
We are proud of our portfolio.

Firstly, because our companies have had outstanding development in past years, giving us above-average returns, and secondly because we are proud of our excellent relationships with the management teams that resulted from our collaboration.

If you are thinking about working with us, we recommend contacting a managing director of one of our portfolio companies. They can tell you about us directly, from the entrepreneur's standpoint. We are sure that they will rate their work with us positively.

actiro GmH & Co. KG

Actiro is a specialist for developing and manufacturing components and systems for transporting gaseous media. The company has two core competencies:
(1) The automated production of precision-quality fans for the automotive and household appliance industries
(2) Development and production of high-performance blowers for applications in exhaust filtering, fuel cells and protective ventilation.


Sabio products knowledge and information management software that lets you store information easily where it can quickly be found by others. The software is used in customer advisory services in particular and gives a push toward improving quality in customer service.
In the theater, the prompter helps actors follow their texts. Similarly, Sabio ensures that employees always have the right answer to any question. This approach has helped Sabio gain 1&1 Internet AG, Payback, SIGNAL IDUNA insurance, and many other companies as customers.

Turtle Entertainment GmbH

Turtle is a pioneer in the world of electronic sports (e-sports). With its Electronic Sports League (ESL) and other championship matches – online and live – Turtle occupies a role comparable to that of FIFA in world socce

04. Exits

Successful exits

maihiro GmbH

maihiro is a consulting firm for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It supports CRM for leading companies from a strategic, process-oriented, and technology perspective – in German-speaking countries and internationally.

Dorten GmbH

Dorten is a strategic, cross-media creative agency that serves renowned companies such as Bayer, BMW, IBM, and Robert Bosch. Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer purchased 25% of the company in 2004. These shares were purchased by the 21TORR agency group in April 2009.

Alex & Gross Communications GmbH

The Alex & Gross Group designs sales strategies and supports IT companies in managing their customer relationships through telesales. With the help of Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer, AGC was able to increase its revenues tenfold since 2001 and was purchased by the Tectum Group (Gelsenkirchen) in April 2009.

05. People

The team of Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer –
Partners and associates

Dr. Tobias Engelhardt

Dr. Tobias Engelhardt
Business administration (born 1960)

Enterprise management, strategic enterprise consulting, business planning, controlling of growth companies

Since 2000 Partner and Co-Managing Director of the Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Group
1997 - 2000 Managing Director of Schröder + Partner Holding GmbH - later Peppermint Holding GmbH (company created through management buy-out from Schröder KG, with investment by the Dresdner Bank Group)
1993 - 1996 General manager of Schröder + Partner Management KG (Schröder KG) - Investment company for former East German companies requiring restructuring
1990 - 1993 Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Munich and Berlin, eventually project manager
Phone +49 (0) 711-518 764 10

Georg Kiefer

Georg Kiefer
Business administration (born 1959)

Enterprise management, management of IT companies, design of sales processes, sales consulting

Since 2000 Partner and Co-Managing Director of the Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Group
1997 - 1999 Sold the company with approx. 350 staff to SAP AG
1980 - 1997 Managing Director of a software company for mobile sales information systems, Kiefer & Veittinger GmbH Unternehmensberatung EDV, with offices in Mannheim (Germany), Boston (U.S.), Reading (U.K.) and Bangalore (India)
Phone +49 (0) 711-518 764 20

Karl-Friedrich Kaupp

Karl Friedrich Kaupp
Business administration (born 1960)

Enterprise management, legal and tax structuring of companies, tax consulting, financing of growth companies, IPO preparation - especially from a tax perspective

Since 2000 Partner of the Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Group
seit 1998 Investments in various companies, particularly from the IT and business service sectors; active as supervisory board member in several stock corporations (some listed) such as Jobtoday AG, COR Insurance Technologies AG, Sparta AG, B & N Software AG, and Personal Total AG
seit 1995 Founding partner of the tax consultant and auditing firm of Kaupp, Krebok & Partner GbR, with offices in Stuttgart, Hanover, Mannheim and Munich. Specialized in consulting to rapidly growing companies from the service sector and their partners.
1995 Offices founded
1991 Licensed as tax consultant


Stefan Mertel

Stefan Mertel
Investment director (born 1976)

Since 2007 Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
Specialized in investment controlling and deal flow management
2003 - 2007 Controlling: Initially sales controlling, then assumed overall responsibility for controlling at Eisenberger Wohnmöbel GmbH & Co. KG
Phone +49 (0) 711-518 764 22

Maren Bittner

Maren Bittner
Legal assistant (born 1972)

Since 2008 Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
2002 - 2008 Attorney at various legal offices and advisory board member to real estate companies requiring restructuring
2002 Completed studies in mediation and conflict management at the University of Tübingen.
Studied in Freiburg, Licence en droit, Aix-Marseille faculty – France
Bilingual German/French
Phone +49 (0) 711-518 764 24

Till J. Richter

Till J. Richter
Investment Manager (born 1984)

Since 2011 Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
2010 - 2011 Analyst at a danish management consultancy
2001 - 2009 Studies of economics in Berlin and Copenhagen
Apprenticeship at a small- to mid-sized enterprise in the construction industry
Telefon +49 (0) 711-518 764 12

Christina Mertel

Christina Mertel
Finance & Accounting (Born 1981)

Since 2011 Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
2005 - 2010 Assistant in different industries/enterprise areas
Phone +49 (0) 711-518 764 21

Martina Happach (Born 1972)

Assistance in several branches / business units – last at Boston Consulting Group GmbH in Frankfurt

Telefon 0711-518 764 21


To provide competent advice to our companies in all areas, our well-practiced team has experts with years of experience. They make decisions together with us and the companies, support all development processes in the long-term, and share in the profits.

Dr. Betina Fecker

Dr. Betina Fecker
Attorney (born 1961)

Having served as a corporate lawyer for years, I know what entrepreneurs want and need. I provide assistance with corporate law and contractual matters, and in particular for issues involving labor law and human resource strategies.

With detailed knowledge of the investments by Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer – and as a specialist for labor law – I provide competent, practical advice for both general HR issues (such as remuneration concepts, working time models, and sample employment contracts) and specific instances (pending termination, write-ups, company restructuring, disputes with employees or employee representatives, and so on).

2008 Attorney for labor law
Since 2003 Advised Dr. Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer Unternehmensbeteiligungen GmbH
1991 – 2002 Corporate counsel for Robert Bosch GmbH in various legal functions, Assistant to the Managing Director
seit 1990 Member of the Bar

Thomas Heiden

Dr. Thomas K. Heiden
Engineering (born 1962)

Human resources consulting firm heiden associates Berlin/Wiesbaden is specialized in executive search, individual and team assessment, and coaching. Our executive search is based on three pillars: direct address, advertisements and network search. This enables a broad-based, yet targeted search for suitable candidates.

Our multimodal approach guarantees objectivity in both individual and team assessment. To assess competencies, we use scientifically validated personality tests and references in addition to the structured interviews. We derive statements about the manager's and team's performance from all three approaches. We identify strength/weakness profiles and potential conflicts within the team. Based on these analyses, we derive the requirements profiles for new team members and estimate their team fit before filling the position.

Since 2004 Human resources consulting: founder and partner of heiden associates
2000 - 2003 Private equity: Investment Director, capiton AG, Berlin
1997 - 2000 RF technology: Business unit manager for management and marketing at Jenoptik/Krone, Jena
1994 - 1997 Mobile communications: Business unit manager for after sales & logistics at AEG Nortel Matra Communication, Ulm
1992 - 1994 Enterprise consulting: McKinsey & Comp, Düsseldorf, eventually Senior Associate

Volker Horst

Volker Horst
lic. oec. HSG (born 1964)

Controlling and finance at SMEs form the core of our consulting services. By defining integrated enterprise and finance planning, developing controlling concepts, setting up meaningful, near-time reporting, and support in dealing with financial backers, we help our clients lead and finance their companies responsibly.

We don't just provide concepts – we help you implement them as well. If necessary, our operative support can even include the interim assumption of management duties and coaching our clients' employees. Our years of experience in the controlling and financing areas, as well as our pragmatic, solution-oriented consulting approach, make us the right choice.

Since 2001 Enterprise consulting: Founder and partner of Dr. Albrecht, Horst & Cie. GmbH
1999 - 2000 Venture capital: Investment Director, holder of general power of attorney at Peppermint Financial Partners
1995 - 1999 Turnaround: Initially investment management at Schröder + Partner Management KG, then head of controlling and management at investment companies from the textiles industry
1992 - 1995 Enterprise consulting: agiplan, Mülheim/Ruhr, Controlling & Organization, eventually assistant project manager

06. Investment inquiry

Your investment inquiry

Please send us your inquiry and a brief description of you project by e-mail.

For the initial contact, all we need is a description of your business model – with its strengths and weaknesses – the current development level of your company, a brief description of your team, and your equity requirements. Send this information to: .

07. Press

Press releases

This section contains recent press releases from us and our business partners. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the subjects.

February 9, 2010 - CatCap successfully supports SABIO GmbH, Hamburg, with growth financing through Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer and BTG Hamburg

Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Unternehmensbeteiligungen GmbH Berlin/Stuttgart has taken a 25% share in SABIO GmbH, Hamburg, as part of a capital increase. BTG Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hamburg mbH has also provided funds as a silent partner. CatCap initiated the transaction and supported SABIO GmbH with its implementation. [...]

September 11, 2009 - Crédit Agricole Private Equity invests in Turtle Entertainment

Crédit Agricole Private Equity has successfully concluded a VC commitment with Turtle Entertainment GmbH, Cologne. CAPE acted as lead investor for this VC financing; other investors include Corporate Finance Partners CFP & Founders Investments GmbH & Co. KgaA, as well as the present investor Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Unternehmensbeteiligungen. [...]

April 23, 2009 - Tectum takes over Alex & Gross Group

Gelsenkirchen-based Tectum Group purchased all the holdings in Alex & Gross Group, Schwetzingen, in April. With this takeover, the Ruhr Valley company is entering international markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) for the first time and expanding its portfolio in the B2B telesales and telemarketing areas. [...]

April 20, 2009 - Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer sells its shares in Dorten GmbH to the 21TORR Group

Dr. Engelhardt, Kaupp, Kiefer Unternehmensbeteiligungen GmbH, Stuttgart, has sold the 25% of shares it held in Dorten GmbH, Stuttgart, to 21TORR GmbH, Reutlingen, as a strategic investor. [...]


Press reports

December 20, 2009 - Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung: Real Superstars in Virtual Worlds

A mass movement is spanning the globe: computer gamers call themselves athletes, some of them even dream of the Olympics - but doubts remain [...]. Michael Ashelm on computer gamers, e-sports, and Turtle Entertainment GmbH.

08. Contact

Contact data

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